Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where One Hit Wonders Never Die

This is just a quick one kids because there's a really fucking important event on the horizon and its of the utmost importance I tell you about it RIGHT NOW!

If you happen to be in Melbourne on the 27th, 28th or 29th of January then you must check out Craptastica - Where one hit wonders never die. My friend Dean is responsible for it and like all his shows its an all singing spectacular - this time though its all dancing too, with yours truly filling the role of Butch The Back-up Dancer.

The show is just one of a heap of great events that make up Midsumma, Melbourne's celebration of the GLBTIQ community. Neverwhere in Smith Street, Collingwood is where it'll all take place. For info and tickets go to or for a little more background on Dean's amazing work try .

I look forward to seeing you all there so you can watch me tear up the stage to a fantastic collection of the songs you all love to hate and hate to love. If you only see one Midsumma show this year, make sure its the one I'm in!


Fen said...

Sounds like a fab night, unfortunately they're all work nights for me, so I hope you have a wonderful time x

Victor said...

I hope the show will be televised for we interstaters who can't be in Melbourne on those days.


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