Friday, April 01, 2011

The Other End

I was a motivated motherfucker. I had a mission. Simple instructions, decisive action.

Then I changed my mind. I was all about shutting the blog down, turning tail, walking away. I thought there was nothing else to say. Then some pain in the arse American dude mentioned my name and, seeing as I think the sun shines out of his arse, I decided to hold on for just a little bit longer.

I still have no motivation. I think they call my current mood a funk, or a low ebb? Something like that, whatever it is that leads you to eat nothing but toast for a week, makes you too lazy to go out to get pissed and sees you waking up next to your fridge with a blinding headache surrounded by empty bottles.

One day I'll do the things I intend to, like wash my car (four months) or my sheets (seven weeks) maybe I'll cut my toe nails (five weeks) have a shave (three weeks) all those forgotten things that are easy to put off until later and later and later.

I might even get all cheery and post up the photos from my birthday. The one where a nice man, who is far better than I deserve, took me to Sydney and treated me to a lovely time with lots of nights out and fancy drinks on pretty glassware.

Maybe I'll settle on the fictional piece I've been telling myself I'll write for the last five years and write a corny gay romance about two buff country lads. Ooh, or I could go and visit the ever expanding list of places noted down in my phone and take the nice photos I've been thinking about for months.

Or I might just make myself get out of bed before lunchtime and eat something that isn't toast. Baby steps and all.

The facebook about someone volunteering to be my life coach, that was genuine. I'll take it on beard if you want to show me how to function properly again. My first self-imposed step is to not leave it two months between posts here, you can start timing me... Now, if you like.


Damien Oz said...

Mutt - do you need a phone call?

My couch - or the other half of my bed - your choice - is available should you need it mate.

And you know for me bed = snuggles right?

Andrew said...

Your novel was going to be about two country guys. Mine was going to be about a hot sex scene between a born Australian Greek guy and an Asian refugee, and then they fell in love. Life coach indeed. You could write the book.

StevieB said...

Remember that there are people who think that you’re quite amazing. One of the cleverest people they know. If you want to write about smoking or being out of luncheon meat or that the sun is too damn bright then just write about that. Just write! We, as your fans want to just hear your story. That being said some photos of the Colonies would be great.

Seriously, hit me up any time bud.

OzWallaby said...

Blogs is like gay profiles, you will shut em down, and then miss em and wonder why you did, then you will reopen them under a different name, only to repeat this all over again, it doesn't matter how often you blog, just be there coz, with you, it seems when you do blog, it makes the wait worth while. Hang in there stud. Write the novel here !!!

Victor said...

Kez - I keep checking in every day and am thrilled when you post something. It is always worth waiting for in my expereince.

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