Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Quickly

A couple of things have raced through my mind. In one ear and out the other - not much to slow them down on the way through you see, so here goes:

Why does Melbourne's peak hour traffic only ever stand still on one direction? I can either move North or South freely before hitting an East-West gridlock, or vice versa. Can anyone explain how that works?

This one gets me every time, you know that look on someone's face when you knock on their door and even though they know you're coming over their eyes light up when they swing the door open and see you there. I swear, it never gets old!

I've taken the first tiny step in my journey to no longer be a tanking fat-arse. I bought a bicycle. So far it has been ace, tearing along the Merri Creek trail, cool air stinging my face. The ultimate goal is to end up with fucking awesome legs - there's every chance I'll still have keep my keg-like stomach though. My biggest problem is that for someone who has never really ridden in the city, I'm a terror on a pushy. Jumping kerbs, tearing in and out of traffic, frightening anyone in my path and locking my rear brakes for tail-out action in the bends... Man I wish I'd bought one earlier!

Oh yeah - and in case you couldn't tell I am indeed still here, still breathing and still a scourge to society. To the touching blog-buddies who reached out and fingered me when I least expected it (or just dropped me a line), thank you. You kids rock!


Damien Oz said...

And it is always lovely to hear from you Mutt.

Shalom mate.


Fen said...

yeh I get stuck on a North/South almost every day, I hate peak hour with a passion.

Awesome about your bike, I do miss riding mine :(

StevieB said...

The Mutant in bike shorts.... Mmmmm!

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An said...
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